Only good quality discs ( I use Verbatim ).

Don´t write on the disc, use a piece of paper or a Post It note.

We send our discs at the same time. I´m not willing to trade
with a great number of discs first time out with a trader.

Send discs well protected so that they don´t get damaged on the way.

Test your discs before sending them.

If you have artwork, send that by mail.

Send an email to confirm that you have sent the discs.
We keep in touch until we both have recived the discs.

I´m new to the dvd trading, but I have traded alot with cd´s a few
years ago, and I have some experience with bad traders. I hope
that I don´t have to deal with any this time out, but if I do they
will be posted on this site and I´ll ask the good traders to post
your name as well. Finally your name will be found on a numerous
trading forums. So please if you want something from my list
send the things I wanted from you usings the rules above.